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Jan 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
triclosan in tooth paste, we're talking stuff that men, kids, preteens are using, a whole gamete of stuff there, so going simpler, picking companies that really are telling you everything that's in your product so you can make informed choices, and also really being particularly cognizant with kid's products and we'll talk about that a little bit more in a second. so, there is this safe cosmetics act which works to phase out known carcinogens, genetic mute jens and reproductive toxins from cosmetics, right now, those are allowed to be in there, the u.s. has banned 11 things in cosmetics, also requiring premarket safety, tests of ingredients, full labeling including everything that's in fragrance and considering of vulnerable populations when deciding what's safe and what's not, so those are some important things that happen a lot. there are actually three different bills on personal care products in congress right now, there's the good bill, which does these things, there's the newt ra bill which keeps the status quo and then what's kind of a bad bill, and they all sound like they're good
Jan 3, 2013 9:00am EST
it run? >> it's interesting. you have the gamete of children who want their choice. they want to have the choice to choose soda or the choice to wear a helmet. but find the kids who are coming from communities or homes where they know a distinct right and distinct wrong. they think everybody else should be wearing a bike helmet as well. >> how interesting to watch their minds work. do you think when they come to this experience, they get it? >> they absolutely get it. >> and you will get it if you bring your family out here. open 7 days a week. 10 until 5. is our web site . back to you in the studio. >> holly, thanks. >>> starting next week, you can try a new fitness routine at crunch gym using drumsticks to exercise. and no not chicken. >> that would be a good one. >> sarah similar on september back to show us how to pound away the pounds. >> i know that's what you are thinking about. we're talking about working out. a lot of people are making their resolutions right now. the big thing is trying to stay motivated and people need to find something new to keep them inspire
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2